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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Awesome Target trip #2!

So yesterday I showed you my first Target trip, when I saved 71%.  This second trip was a great savings too!  I hope this isn't horribly boring to you-personally, I love seeing what deals people score!  My big dream is that they would double coupons where I live, so I could have 90%+ savings trips to the grocery store!  Oh well, maybe some day.

The Breakdown:

Kids winter knit hat $12.99 reg, clearance $3.88
Ladies Merona top $16.99 reg, clearance $8.48-$3 Target coupon=$5.48
Hanes Boys Sweatshirt(stocking up on bigger sizes)  $6.99 reg, clearance $2.08
(2)2pk. ceramic bowls, that match my nice dishes that I love!!! Soooo excited, they didn't have them when I got the dishes a few years ago!! $6.99/set reg x 2=$13.98, clearance $3.98/set x 2=$7.96
(3)Purina One dog food 6lb. reg $6.49 x 3=$19.47-(3)$5 mfg coupons=$1.49/bag x 3=$4.47

Total regular price=$70.42
Total price paid=$23.24
% savings=67%!!
I paid with my Target red card (debit comes directly from your bank, not a credit card) so I got another 5% off=$22.68, a 68% savings!!

Tulip the puppy is set for food for quite a while (very inexpensively!), and Chad will have a bunch of bigger sized sweatshirts for the next few years!

My suggestions: Study your ads, clip coupons, go online to get manufacturer and Target coupons, stack store and mfg coupons together on sale/clearance items, check out the clearance areas of the store, and use your Target red card!  Fyi, Target does have a system to how/when they mark down their clearance items.  Of course I can't find that info right now, but I will post it as soon as I track it down!  Happy Saving!

UPDATE!!!! Christy at Thrifty and Thriving has graciously shared her Target markdown and clearance items schedule with us.  Might I suggest you also check out her 20 Days of Target Training, which is jam-packed with all the info you need to get the best deals at Target!!  Check out the rest of her site while you are there-I get a lot of my information on deals from her site, emailed right to my mailbox daily!

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Christy said...

Great Target trips! You are more than welcome to share the Target markdown schedule found on my site. Thanks for asking!