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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Curriculum Review: All About Reading

Thrilled is how I felt when I found out I was going to be reviewing All About Reading level 1 from All About Learning Press.  I already had a wonderful experience with their spelling program, All About Spelling, so I knew this would be another high quality product.
Chad has dyslexia, and I have learned that multisensory approaches work best with him. All About Reading is multisensory, and based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and the latest research. Lessons are mastery-based, so your child can go at their own pace and feel proud of their accomplishments at the end of every lesson.  All about Reading is a scripted program, meaning parents and teachers can just pick it up and teach with no preparation time.  The only items you need to have ready from  your own supplies are crayons, scissors, glue, tape, stapler, and a 2'x3' magnet board. 

Included in the All About Reading Level 1 Kit (pictured above) for $99.95:
*Teacher's manual
*Student Packet (includes activity book)
*Three hardbacked readers (Run, Bug, Run, The Runt Pig, and Cobweb the Cat)

The Deluxe Interactive Reading Kit (pictured above) is $48.95 and includes:
*Letter tiles
*Magnets for letter tiles
*The Basic Phonograms CD-ROM
*Reading Divider Cards
*Reading Review Box
*Reading Tote Bag
*Smiling Star Stickers

I received both the kits above, but there are other options.  You can purchase a Basic Interactive Reading Kit, and/or purchase many of the supplemental items individually to create your own kit. Click here to see the different options.
I wish All About Learning had been around when my teens were first learning to read and spell. It is the most thorough, complete, well-laid out program I have ever used. Chad is already reading, but at a beginning level, so we dove into Level 1 and found he knew a lot of it, but also needed to brush up on some things! After moving quickly through the first 20 lessons, I found the lesson he needed to be at, and he has been making great progress!  He has a hard time with blends, and All About Reading Level 1 has been a great help. Another great resource I found on the website is the Reading Resource Center, full of all sorts of great help for parents. 
All About Learning has a 100% money-back guarantee, and comes with lifetime support.  They truly want you and your child to succeed, and are there to help you. I HIGHLY recommend All About Reading, and all of the products/programs at the All About Learning Press

To read more crew reviews of this product, click here.  Disclaimer: I received All About Learning in exchange for my honest review.

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