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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Book Review~Where Treetops Glisten

I love curling up with a good book while its cold and snowing outside!  A Christmas themed story makes it even better.  If you are like me, I have the perfect book for you!  It's actually three stories, by three different authors, and they are all intertwined with the same characters. 

White Christmas, by author Cara Putnam, is the first story in the book.  College student Abigail Turner is from a loving family, but her heart is broken from losing her boyfriend in the war.  World War II has taken its toll on everyone, and Abigail is afraid to get close to young men again.  When a troubled young man enters her life, will she be able to open her heart?

In Sarah Sundin's I'll Be Home For Christmas, Abigail's brother Pete is home from the war, where the fighter pilot was a hero.  The war has greatly affected him, and he yearns for the peace and hope he used to feel.  A widow and her little girl enter his life-will they help him find what he is looking for?

The third story in Where Treetops Glisten is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, by Tricia Goyer.  The main character in this story is Meredith Turner, "Merry", who is Abigail and Pete's sister.  She is a combat nurse in the war and is stationed in the Netherlands, working on the frontline.  She couldn't wait to get out of their small town in Indiana, but now she misses her small town and her family.  Her heart still broken after the betrayal of her boyfriend David, she immerses herself in her work to try to forget. 

What I Thought: All three of the stories in Where Treetops Glisten were outstanding.    I enjoy historical fiction, but have only read a few books from this time period.  I'm especially interested in this time in history as my parents were pre-teens during WWII.  During a recent visit they told me all about their memories from this time.  My Mom even got out her ration books to show me.  They were fascinating!

 The Turner family portrays the average American family in the 1940s that is impacted by World War II.  What a scary time for all Americans, but the Turners still held onto their faith in God and cherished their family.  I enjoyed that each of the three stories had some romance, and that each of the stories focused on a different Turner sibling.  The stories all pulled me in, making me feel like I had been transported back to this important time in our history. 

The Authors:

Tricia Goyer: website,, Facebook,  Twitter
Cara Putnam: website,  Facebook, Twitter
Sarah Sundin: website, Facebook, Twitter

Visit Litfuse for more information and reviews on Where Treetops Glisten.  You can purchase your own copy at Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing.

*Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

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